Sabyasachi Does it Again, Sets up a Canteen for Woman Social Worker

(Photo: Sabyasachi Mishra/Twitter)

Bhubaneswar: Leading Odia actor Sabyasachi Mishra who has been helping distressed people during this Covid 19 pandemic has once again turned messiah for a woman social worker. Sabyasachi helped Jyotsna Mohanty, a social worker who had lost her livelihood during this pandemic, to set up a canteen in the Rasugarh area of Bhubaneswar.

“Jyotsna Mohanty of BBSR GGP colony. Corona Crisis brought her to the Road. She asked for ration & financial help. But to make her independent, I tried an experiment by providing them a source of income by purchasing Mass Cooking equipment & raw materials to start a food canteen.”, Sabyasachi announced on twitter.

(Photo: Sabyasachi Mishra/Twitter)
Sabyasachi has provided Jyotsna with personal protective equipment (PPE) kit for sanitation and safety during this pandemic. The actor has promised to promote the new business venture like his own brand. 

“She has started the new business with a positive hope to jump beyond poverty. And yes! She has named her canteen as "Sabyasachi Canteen" Smiling face with heart-shaped eyes I feel like it's my own brand!”, tweeted Sabyasachi. 

In a return gesture Jyotsna has named her new business venture as Sabyasachi Canteen. 

Jyotsna Mohanty, a single mother and a social worker who is also a worker of a leading political party of Odisha had lost her income since the lockdown began. She had reached out to actor Sabyasachi for financial help. Instead of providing her temporary financial help Sabyasachi has set up a canteen to generate regular income for her. Sabyasachi has also requested all those staying in Rasugarh area of Bhubaneswar to order food from Sabyasachi Canteen.  

Sabyasachi has set up a control room at his residence to help thousands of helpless people during this lockdown period. He has been providing financial and other supports to those who are in distress and reaching out to him over phone and social media. He helped over 1500 Odias stranded in different parts of the country to return to Odisha.  

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